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Business Development

businessgrowthWhen originally formed, eWiz was an IT solution provider specialising in IT solutions primarily involving software development.  As time went on we realised there was more to operating a business than specialising too rigidly relative to a particular profession.

We then understood that we didn’t know what we didn’t know and found connections with other like-minded successful people who had the same feelings and determination to succeed in business.  As a result of this connection, we diversified into business development enabling us to help businesses, professionals and families find appropriate education and connect with people who could make a real difference. We specialise in helping people as well as businesses to keep the main thing the main thing!

With so many “things” competing for your attention, you can easily become distracted and give all your energy to the non-productive areas of life.

First, we must have a destination in mind, then set goals along the way so we are going in the direction of what we want to achieve and have pointers to always know we are on track to end up where we want to be. We help people to learn a proven strategy to achieve goals. Lastly, there is need to apply consistent action with a great attitude.

In the end, the real challenge always comes back to a decision and a relationship with a person or persons who knows how to make a difference, not just make a point or a profit.

To add value to this process, we’ve created the networks and the teams of people who are there to provide you the very best platforms of participation for you to build on.

Whatever you’re looking for … we’ve got the network you’re looking for.

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  • Sustainable work/life balance
  • Coaching and mentoring solutions
  • Business development strategies and networks
  • People and professional development
  • Improved or optimal health and wellness
  • Beauty products and education
  • Financial solutions
  • Technology solutions to reduce business overheads
  • Charity and Community projects

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