Introducing eWiz Mobile – making your business Mobile-friendly

Prompt creation of your mobile application starting at around $1,000!

With your Mobile App you will get this … and more!

Customisable Design

Each design starts with a template to meet your business needs for a mobile app.   Make it meet your needs with appeal to the market you want to attract.  Stand out, attract business and be referred.

Online Shopping

M-commerce online shopping has seen an increase of up to 500% in the last few years with more and more people buying online and on mobile devices.  Online shopping and loyalty programs are easy to implement on this platform.

Customer Engagement

A mobile app installed on any device tends to give better customer service as well as engaging customers in repeat business and quick easy referrals to their network.

Affordable Development

Through use of modern technology and tools, the cost of mobile development is now affordable to any business.  Traditionally mobile development would start at around $15k and take a  4+ weeks for one type of device.  Now we have cost effective options!

An Affordable Marketing Tool

A mobile app is now affordable for any company wanting to market their business. It is an easy to use tool which allows your business to effectively expand into new and exciting markets.

Continually Growing Audience

2014 marks the first time in history that people have accessed the internet more through smartphones than desktop.  People want mobile and smart businesses are giving it to them.

So what’s the next step … and how can you benefit?

More about your Mobile App

mobiledevCreating and building a mobile app today is not as complex as it once was and is far more affordable than ever with hybrid apps coming in at around the same cost as a great website. Smart mobile devices have been with us for just over 5 years and have come such a long way that 2014 was the first time people have accessed the internet through mobile more than desktop devices.

Technology used to build a mobile app now doesn’t require a significant skill level and can be maintained by almost anyone. The affordability is there now for you to make your app impactful for your target audience and works on all current devices.

Let us show you how we can help you benefit. Run through with us how your business will grow beyond your competitors in the current market place. We will provide you with a one hour free consultation to see if there is a fit and we can give you a vision for the future.

So let’s get started!

Why a mobile app for you!

What Sectors?

Many different businesses are benefiting from the growth of smart devices.  These include but are not limited to:
Restaurants, Gyms, Retailers,Takeaway outlets, Nightclubs, Events Managers, Cafes, Bars, Churches, Real Estate Agencies, Chiropractors, Finance Companies, Car dealerships, Dentists, Lawyers, Vehicle Servicing, Sports Clubs, Accountants, Tradespeople, Schools, Non-Profit Organisations to name a few.

Ask to see a demo of how a mobile app works for one of these businesses so you can envisage the benefit to your business.

A totally different marketing tool

“A Mobile App would be a totally different marketing method for us. How could we make sure we use it effectively?”

You are not alone!

Our mobile community educates and trains businesses to help them understand and take advantage of the emerging smartphone environment.

It also provides useful tools and practical support to help businesses become successful in the mobile marketplace.

Website vs. Mobile App

But I already have a website … Wouldn’t a Mobile App be a double up?

The primary goal of a website is to provide information and establish a broad ‘presence’ that can be found on search engines.
On the other hand, Mobile Apps provide interactive engagement with customers and more long-term opportunities to grow your business.

Put simply, websites and Mobile Apps should work together, not against each other.

Lets get started!

Its as simple calling John on 0402 134 450 or completing the form below.  John or one of our team will get back you very shortly to get you started. The great thing is that it is easy and we have a step by step process to guide you through.

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