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Introducing eWiz to you …

eWiz is a Business Solution provider specialising in IT Services & Strategies and Business Development Services & Strategies.

On one hand, eWiz is about providing competitive IT solutions to help businesses grow. We specialise in creating unique IT Solutions using current and evolving technologies that set you apart from your competitors. The solutions developed always cover a variety of platforms inclusive of website, mobile app and desktop solutions. Solutions are very specific to meet your requirements and help facilitate increases in productivity and profitability within your business.

Hand in hand with that, our Business Development Services & Strategies encompass a range of solutions to reduce business expenses, increase business revenue and, all importantly, to create space in the life of the business owner/professional for the important things like family, friends, health, travel and relaxation.

Specialisations to help you …

Website Development

Websites allow you to promote your business, services and products to your potential customers as well as providing your existing customers with updated information on your products and services.

Custom websites provide access to important business information for staff, customers and potential customers through web browsers and mobile devices.

Custom websites allow customers to make enquiries, make purchases and a multitude of options depending on the needs of your business.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are now becoming one of the fastest growing platforms to promote your business and is a faster growing sector than PC browsers. Businesses are now finding it a great way to capture and grow their new client base and foster loyalty using affordable hybrid applications.

Mobile app solutions provide native functionality to a growing mobile environment. With growing numbers of smart devices within business you can leverage this technology in your workforce and client base.

Software Application Development

Business needs to keep up with the changes being afforded by the advances in technology and professional software application development leads to improved systems within the business framework which also leads to improved business efficiency and hence increased revenue and reduced costs.

Business Development and Strategies

Business Development encompasses a massive range of services so click through to find out more about the services and strategies provided by eWiz as we work on a collaborative framework with a view to seeing the world through different eyes to achieve decreases in business and personal expenses, increases in business and personal revenue and to meet business and personal goals easier and far sooner than otherwise happens.

Options to benefit you …

Here are a few products and services eWiz can provide to work with you and grow you business.

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